About us

With three generations of experience in the bus industry we have seen some changes. Power steering, 2-way radios, air conditioning and electronic ticketing are just a few of the advancements which make job easier. But one thing has never changed: Drivers still get lost!

Bus Directions was borne from the basic need to keep drivers on route. Missed stops, stressed drivers and frustrated operations controllers will be a thing of the past. A list of directions printed on a sheet of paper is about as modern as sending a telegram. Imagine having all of your routes stored on a database, easily accessible by all of your drivers via their phone or tablet, ready for hands free navigation right there in their bus.

Well, that’s exactly what we have created. Bus Directions is currently trialling software with one of Australasia’s largest operators. We can’t wait for it to be ready for everyone to use.

Bus Directions. ‘The way to go’.

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